Pisa Console Table


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Pisa Console Table

Meet the Pisa Console Table, the cheeky sidekick to our famously tilted Pisa Side Table. Inspired by its iconic lean, this console table brings a touch of whimsy and a whole lot of practicality to your space.

Picture this: a sleek silhouette that tilts just enough to catch the eye, yet stands firm to hold all your favorite things. This isn't just another piece of furniture; it's a handcrafted, designer console table that turns any room into a gallery of modern art. Among console table designs, it stands out with its minimal, metal construction that adds a dash of luxury to your decor.

So, why wait? Bring a splash of that Italian charm to your home with the Pisa Console Table today!

Technical Details

Dimensions Length x Breadth x Height 120 x 27 x 84 centimetres
Technical Specs
in India
Suitable for
Indoor/Outdoor Use
Taxes Shipping
covered within India
Design first
Customization available
Delivery within
four weeks

Embrace the tilt, elevate your space.

Talent Lab Winner - Fareed Ahmed

Talent Lab Winner - Fareed Ahmed

Fareed Ahmed designed the Pisa Side Table as part of ‘Talent Lab 2022 by Nama Home’, a challenge to forge young talents and their works of art. The design talents were mentored and trained by experienced and accredited designers. After a period of 30 days of their design journey, Fareed Ahmed emerged as the man of the hour!

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