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With its own dedicated production facility in Moradabad, India creating a variety of products in metal, Nama Home has the know how for managing large supply chains and is capable of catering to the needs of interior, hospitality, residential and public space projects.

We cater a large number of Indian and International partners. Nama Home works with experienced and expert craftsmen who are able to conceive a high quality handmade product with a combination of machinery in a few areas to cater to large scale demand.

Industry Partnerships

Create Nama-zing Spaces

At Nama we’re passionate about bringing the best of global design right to the Indian doorstep. If you’re an architect, interior designer or decorator creating awe-inspiring spaces get in touch with us, we’d love for Nama to be a part of your coolest projects.

Our minimal furniture and decor pieces feel right at home in every setting, right from boho-chic restaurants to luxury condos. With a large capacity manufacturing capabilities we welcome corporate orders and are open to customisations as well.

Service Portfolio

Behind The Scenes

Everyday at Nama we practice one of the world’s earliest profession by welding, grooving, engineering and milling to produce pieces of art that adorn homes globally.

We follow the most advanced manufacturing processes to produce beautiful metal furniture that meets not just global design benchmarks but also stringent quality control standards.

Nama is founded in a deep love for minimal design and creating objects that defy the ordinary. Our pieces use simple geometry to achieve striking silhouettes. At Nama we don’t do regular, we’re excited by the extraordinary.

We love nothing more than watching a simple drawing come to life on the factory floor, being able to hold something that only existing in our imagination. The Nama manufacturing process uses the latest technology and seasoned artisans to produce pieces that are as gorgeous as they are hardy.

When you partner with Nama, you're assured of products that are of a superior build and quality. We use the best available EPL and Powder Coating technology to ensure each piece is not only visually flawless, but will also show less wear and tear over a prolonged period of time for both indoor and outdoor settings.

Nama offers both domestic and international shipping for B2B consignments. Our logistical partners provide excellent service globally, ensuring that your orders reach you within the stipulated time with zero transport damages.