Scuba Bar Stool
Scuba Bar Stool
Scuba Bar Stool
Scuba Bar Stool
Scuba Bar Stool
Scuba Bar Stool

Scuba Bar Stool


Scuba Bar Stool ©

Designed ByNamit Khanna
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Scuba Bar Stool
Just how they say your first dive can be life-changing, the Scuba Bar Stool is a total game-changer as it holds your bum, your drink and your conversations. The Scuba Bar Stool captures the thrill of the unknown, the rush that you get as you flip and dance through the deep waters. The striking gold accents make this just the right head-turner for your space while giving you comfort beyond your imagination.  Why do we call it the Scuba Bar Stool? Inspired by the shape of a diver’s oxygen tank, the Bar stool is nothing short of a breathe of fresh air. So flip and spin and see for yourself. All our pieces can be used indoors and outdoors
Scuba Bar Stool - Nama Home

Technical Details

Dimensions Length x Breadth x Height 51 x 51 x 103 centimetres
Material & Qualities Iron
Technical Specs
in India
Suitable for
Indoor Use
Taxes Shipping
covered within India
Design first
Customization available
Delivery within
four weeks

Raising The Bar

Namit Khanna

Namit Khanna

Namit Khanna is schooled from Italy as a product designer. With a passion for minimalism, he approaches design with a keen eye for unusual perspectives, turning them into objects that are at once minimal and elegant.

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